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Brits Beware the Angel of Death

We’re just days away from the UK/AUS release of my new novel, Angel of Death from Angry Robot Books. To celebrate, I’m posting the first scene in the novel. Enjoy! Old man, old man—I see you with your lake-rights cottage and your knotty pine paneling, dark as walnut with cigar smoke. Even now, the blue […]

August 27th, 2009
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A Man in Trouble

There’s an old saying that comedy is a man in trouble. If that’s the case, then tragedy is me in trouble. So, when I tell you that I’m in trouble writing my new novel, Death’s Disciples, you might laugh or you might cry. What you do depends on whether or not you’re me. Now, let’s […]

August 17th, 2009
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Expiration Dates

I’m reading a letter from the Atlantic that says my expiration date is coming. This is news to me. I feel fine. Ham expires. Bread. Magazines. Do I have an expiration date? Reading along, I understand that “my expiration date” means when I’ll stop getting the Atlantic. That was close. There’s a huge difference between my expiration […]

August 7th, 2009
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