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Death’s Disciples Away!

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That’s right, folks–I just sent Death’s Disciples to Marco and Lee at  Angry Robot Books.


Now I shift from being a writer–someone who writes–to being an author–someone who has written.

It’s much more comfortable to be an author:

  • to sign books and shake people’s hands and grin as they snap the picture,
  • to hang out at the Angry Robot author compound, sipping mai tais by the pool with Lauren Beukes and Kaaron Warren,
  • to phone the other Pulitzer nominees and wish them better luck next time,
  • to thank Oprah for her offer but let her know that I’m too busy concepting the three movie deals, the miniseries, the action figure line, and my Time cover photo as Man of the Year,
  • to use the Angry Robot Zeppelin to fly over the world and look down on all that I dominate. (Don’t worry: I won’t unleash the laser–this time.)

Oh, yes. I love the life of the author.

What? You don’t believe these things will happen? Ever hear of willing suspension of disbelief? Sheesh! What’s become of readers these days?

It’s no matter. The manuscript is done. Mentally, I’m already casting off the Zeppelin’s ballast.

A quick glide over the Atlantic, a safe dock at the Angry Robot author compound, and it’ll be time for mai tais!

November 28th, 2009
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4 Responses to “Death’s Disciples Away!”

  1. Kaaron Warren Says:

    I think the Angry Robot compound should include a sushi chef, a mobile library and free wireless. The maitais sound good!

  2. admin Says:

    I agree, Kaaron!

    And what about the masseuses? And the cats wearing little tuxedoes? And the nude Aeolian harpists? I mean, we’re authors, right? We deserve to put the “lux” in deluxe, yeah?

  3. Lauren Beukes Says:

    We shall also require dinosaurs for velociraptor polo games in the grounds (and also nibbling on intruders), cake, secret rooms, including a mission control from which to plot our world domination, and of course, the zeppelin should be equipped with skydiving equipment, so we can make a dramatic entrance at readings in style.

  4. admin Says:

    Absolutely perfect additions, Lauren! I like especially the skydiving equipment. I had thought of bungees for dramatic entrances at readings, but, of course, the reading would be very short that way.

    Oh, and cake.

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