J. Robert King

They Are So Beautiful

Have you seen them? They are so beautiful! They are alive before we are born, and they are still alive when we die. They have skin like stone and can crush our bodies with the slightest touch.

Beneath that skin, though, runs life. Taste of it once, and you can live forever, can send your children out across the eternities.

Here, one passes now—a titan going about whatever business titans have. He has emerged from his palace, which streams light day and night and forbids me enter. He heads toward his chariot.

It, too, wards me.  I have tried to fly to him, but there is an invisible stone that bashes me back.

Not just now, though. Now, he is still walking, and I can reach him.

I rise from the grass and soar to his adamantian leg. I land upon it and cling, smelling the ambrosia of sweat. I plunge my nose through his stonelike skin and feel the gush of blood into my head and down my throat and into the great, swelling sack between my legs.

A tremendous smack comes—the hand of the god. Beneath it two others like me fall crumpled, their abdomens burst in blood.

I drink still. I cannot stop. Even if he should kill me, I must be sated.

And then, in the moment before he walks into the house of chariots, I pull free and fly away, ripe with divinity.

I have done it—what thousands fail to do. I have stolen the life of a god. My children will rise from this life, and they and I will live forever.

August 5th, 2010
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3 Responses to “They Are So Beautiful”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    I was looking forward to your next post – good to see you’re still alive! Even if it is only by the grace of divine, insectile vampirism. Indeed, are we similarly beneath the notice of Greater Beings as bugs are to us? What form would a ‘slap’ take from Them, and how do/would we interpret it?

    Great post Rob, and a little Zen too.

  2. Steve Ince Says:

    Hi Rob,

    I hope you met your deadlines okay.

    I love this. There’s a grandeur and dignity within that made me stop and think. We all need to gain a little perspective from time to time and this helped.

  3. Rob King Says:


    Yes, I’m still alive, but just barely. I had four major deadlines this last week and am just finishing up on three others. Whew!

    This piece of flash fiction was, of course, inspired by a mosquito attack. I hate the little monsters and so had assumed that they hated me. When it occured to me they probably felt something more akin to worship, I brewed up this little story. I’m glad you guys liked it!

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