J. Robert King

Desirous Hypodermic

Hypodermics are scary enough: the cocked plunger poised to strike, the translucent plastic shaft that gleams like wet sharkskin, the needle tip prepared to pierce with its oozing fang. . . . Knowing they come in cellular size is just plain horrifying; viruses, which aren’t even alive, penetrate living cells and inject their own dead DNA. That’d be like getting a shot in the arm, and next thing you know, you’re Calvin Coolidge.

The only thing that would make a hypodermic scarier would be if it actually desired to do its job. Imagine seeing one on the dentist tray before you, a drop of novocaine clinging to its tip, its shaft throbbing in anticipation for your gums, its plastic translucent mosquito wings quivering with eager agitation, and when the dentist says “O.K.,” it buzzes over on those stiff plastic wings and lands on your lips and clings there with little metal legs as it sticks its proboscis beneath your gums, and, behind it, the plunger begins its savoring descent.

September 2nd, 2012
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2 Responses to “Desirous Hypodermic”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    *shiver* Sounds like you’ve created another Phyrexian to play with!

    Thanks for the flash fictions lately, Rob.

    With regards to “Old Grand High Days – I’ve heard madness described as thinking or thought processes that lie outside the bounds of the norm. Of course, what is normal is an arbitrary thing, the metaphorical lines drawn in the sand by people essentially guessing where they should be. If seven people think one way, and three other people think differently about the same topic, should those three then seek counselling? Of course, it depends what they are thinking about. Without wishing to belittle those who suffer from mental illnesses, I think it is good to challenge our accepted norms, even the ways we think, from time to time and invite a little thinking from outside of the box inside.

    Cicada – A youthful melancholy. The world ticks on before we’re here, while we’re here, and afterwards. Some saying that the only immortality we can hope to achieve in this lifetime through procreation – via our children and our children’s children.

    Desirous Hypodermic – Dentists are scary enough, without having to think about clockwork mosquitoes! Interesting that given the general fear of hypodermics throughout the world, not much thought has gone into designing a ‘kiddy’ friendly version that, at least one that aesthetically appealed. Or maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps people thought about it, and decided that kids would hate ponies or teddies if they were associated with hypodermics. Maybe hypodermic companies just need to hire better PR companies.

    Anyway, cheers for the reading!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Jarrod! There’s more on the way!

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