J. Robert King


Upcoming Novels

The Angel of Death in Chicago—A metaphysical suspense novel. Angry Robot Books 2009.

Death’s Disciples—A metaphysical suspense novel. Angry Robot Books 2010.


Published Books

Shadow of Reichenbach Falls—A Sherlock Holmes hardcover. Tor 2008.

Suicidals Anonymous—A modern black comedy. Popcorn Press 2006.

Humors—An anthology of prose poems. Popcorn Press 2006.


The Mad Merlin Trilogy:
     Mad Merlin—An Arthurian fantasy hardcover. Tor 2000.

     Lancelot du Lethe—An Arthurian fantasy hardcover. Tor 2001.

     Le Morte d’Avalon—An Arthurian fantasy hardcover. Tor 2003. 


The Onslaught Cycle, Magic: the Gathering:
     Onslaught—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2002.

     Legions—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2003.

     Scourge—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2003.


The Invasion Cycle, Magic: the Gathering:

     Invasion—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2000.

     Planeshift—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2001.

     Apocalypse—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 2001.


Time Streams—An epic fantasy novel. Wizards 1999.

The Thran—An epic fantasy novel.  Wizards 1999.


The Double Diamond Triangle Series, Forgotten Realms:
     The Abduction—Fantasy novella. TSR 1998.

     Conspiracy—Fantasy novella. TSR 1998.

     The Diamond—Fantasy novella. TSR 1998. 


Vinas Solamnus—An epic fantasy novel. Dragonlance. TSR 1997. 


The Blood Wars Trilogy, Planescape:

     Blood Hostages—A surreal fantasy novel. TSR 1996.

     Abyssal Warriors—A surreal fantasy novel. TSR 1996.

     Planar Powers—A surreal fantasy novel. TSR 1997. (Origins Award) 


Rogues to Riches—A YA comedic fantasy. First Quest. TSR 1995.

Summerhill Hounds—A YA  fantasy. First Quest. TSR 1995.

Heart of Midnight—A Gothic werewolf tale. Ravenloft. TSR 1993.

Carnival of Fear—A Gothic evil circus. Ravenloft. TSR 1993. 


Published Short Stories

“Me and the Mudman”—A biblical fantasy story. Lilith Unbound Anthology, Popcorn Press 2008.

“The Dread Pirate Fuzzytail”—A pirate fantasy. Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms. Popcorn Press 2007.

“The Greatest Hero Who Ever Died”—A medieval horror story. Best of the Realms Anthology, Wizards 2004. Reprinted from its first appearance in Realms of Infamy, TSR 1994.

“Behold the Fish”—A fantasy story. Secrets of Magic Anthology, Wizards 2002.

“The Admiral’s Reckoning”—An SF space travel story. Oceans of Space Anthology, DAW, 2001.

“All Too Familiar”—A whimsical fantasy. Dragon Magazine, March 2000.

“Phyrexian Creations”—A fantasy. Myths of Magic Anthology, Wizards 2000.

“Expeditions to the End of the World”—A fantasy. Colors of Magic Anthology, Wizards 1999.

“Arthur’s Final Morn”—An historical Arthur story. Dragon Magazine, 1999.

“A Tooth for a Tooth”—An SF space travel story. Troll Magazine, 1998.

“Whence Comes the Song of Steel”—A fantasy mystery story. Realms of Mystery Anthology, Wizards 1998.

“Karn’s Story”—A fantasy short story. Rath and Storm Anthology, Wizards 1998.

“Destined for Greatness”—A fantasy story. The Duelist, July 1998.

“Skyward Bound”—A fantasy story. The Duelist, September 1998.

“Breaking the Bonds”—A fantasy story. The Duelist, November 1998.

“Faerie Godfather”—A humorous Arthurian story. Mob Magic Anthology, DAW, 1998.

“Wyrm of the Loch”—A fantasy story. Testament of the Dragon, Harper/Prism 1997.

“Jovian Dreams”—An SF story. Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society, 1997.

“Measure of the Home Guard”—A high fantasy story. Dragon Magazine, July 1996.

“Even Dragon Blood”—A fantasy story. Dragons at War Anthology, TSR 1996.

“Where Thingies Rush In”—A comedic fantasy story. Dragon Magazine, April 1995.

“A Worm Too Soft”—A medieval detective story. Realms of Magic Anthology, TSR 1995.

“Claw of the Blue Mekillot”—An alternative fantasy. Forestmaker Module, TSR 1994.

“Objets d’Art”—A Gothic horror short story. Tales of Ravenloft Anthology, TSR 1994.

“Pumpkin Charley”—A Halloween poem. Polyhedron Newszine, 1994.

“Death of a God”—An SF space-travel short story. Amazing Magazine, 1993.

Contributing Work

Write Source series, a kindergarten through twelfth-grade textbook series that teaches writing: wrote over 2000 pages of material for this 13-volume series.